How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor Using Dumb Cat?

I once discovered an old, old stain Scout left behind. I sprayed the Dumb Cat on it. I checked the stain a week later. It was gone. It’s been a long time since I cleaned the spot, and I can’t smell the odor. I don’t remember what other cleaner I used before. It doesn’t really matter, because now I’m using Dumb Cat.

OK – Here’s the Scientific Stuff, In Case You’re Interested…

Cat urine is composed of five different compounds. Two of the bacteria strains are associated with the cat’s marking scent. The other strains are in the cat spray, urine, and uric acid. Dumb Cat uses five bacteria compounds to remove each compound.

Life’s Great Products worked with a major university for three years to develop a new enzyme formula to get rid of cat urine odor. The challenge was to create safe bacteria to eliminate cat urine, yet not void carpet or hardwood floor warranties. In 2004, they came up with Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Spray Remover.

Don’t Clean Your Water and Stain-Resistant Flooring With ANYTHING That has Isopropyl Alcohol…

…because if you do, you could void your warranty. Since Dumb Cat doesn’t contain Isopropyl alcohol, your warranties are safe.

If Kitty has nailed your clothes, you can use Dumb Cat as a laundry pre-soak. After you launder the affected garments according to directions, the cat urine stain and smell will be gone. Only Dumb Cat worked to completely and permanently get rid of Scout’s little reminders

Life’s Great Products stands behind Dumb Cat with their 100% money back guarantee. I’ve used all the other cat urine stain and odor removers, and Dumb Cat is the only cleaner that permanently eliminates cat urine odor and stain.

So quit spending money and time on cat urine damage. Stop being angry with your cat, and arguing over whose turn it is to clean up the latest “accident.” And remember, Dumb Cat’s enzyme formula won’t void the warranties on your valuable furniture and carpeting.

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