Prediction Formula For Playing Roulette

Because apparently, it is now possible to actually predict where the ball would stop At. By using math, apparently. And whether this is true or not, the people behind it are still not sure. Some if them are still debating whether this is fact or fiction. But whether you believe this is true or not, you can just try it out for yourself. Go out and gamble a bit and try the roulette prediction formula.

People have been saying that if you are good at math and you know the formula for it, you will be able to predict where the ball will land on a roulette. If that is true, then it could be considered cheating, right?

And it would make no sense to still add this game in casinos because it can now be controlled to the advantage of the players there. And then they will get all the money. Unless the other players are the same and they can also predict where the ball will be out.

And then everyone wins and no one gets the money properly because it will not be split between them. How is that any better? But if this was just a myth or a fiction, then I could still go on we guess. It does not really say that you are not allowed to be good at math when you want to play it.

Because if it was, then you know that that whole prediction thing was true after all. Whoever came up with this must have been really desperate for a win to be observing something like that and be able to get a formula out of it. And is that sad or not?

To be using all that brain capacity for something like GAMBLING of all things than on more relevant and important things? Like medicine or technology? And now we can see that math applies to a goddamn roulette all because some dude wanted an easy way to win without having to guess anything out of the blue.

Do you know something else? We could have had flying cars by now. Evolution and innovation would have skyrocketed if our brains were doing the things they were supposed to. But they are not and we waste all this potential on stupid things. We already have Fortnite and Tiktok. What else kind of brain melting thing are they going to make next time?

And how will it make us seem like one of the most embarrassing races? If we are not already. Seriously, our advances in medicine could have been somewhere really futuristic and easy. But no, here we are dancing Fortnite dances, doing the Hit or Miss meme and doing math on a freaking gambling object.

Back then our ancestors discovered fire and made the first ever wheel. That does not really compare to discovering a method to predict where a tiny ball will land on a circular object made for entertainment. Shame on us, seriously. Have we not already made so many distractions? Do we really need another just to impede our progress?