Stone Sculptures You Want To See

From where we come from, there are not a lot of sculptures that are being out there. Mostly because we naturally do not really find them all that interesting, to begin with. Or maybe that is because we have not seen any new ones. In any case, there are still some out there that may deserve a little stare from us but who knows. We are not really into that. But then again, we have not seen those native American stone sculptures NM.

They could be a lot more interesting than we think too. Since they depict the original Americans that actually grew up on that land all those years ago, they should hold a lot of cultures that are far more interesting than what we have here.

Granted, we are a little bit of a history nut. We could soak in all that history about what happened during the world wars and still want to crave more, but then again, we only ARE just interested in wars. Because in wars, you know things are bound to change after the whole thing is done.

After all that carnage, there is going to be some kind of tension and depression. When all has been said and done and a treaty has somehow been made for all of us to follow, you know that history has just been made. And that the world will never be the same ever again.

This could also be applied to the American Indian Wars when Europe callously invaded America and basically turned everyone there into their bitch. No, the true Americans are not the white people we see today. The true Americans are the ones who were there before anything invaded anything.

And we might not know all that much because we were more focused on World War two, being the most recent, big world war since then, but we know that Native Americans where wronged all those years ago. These days though, we see a lot of people that do not look native in their own countries anymore.

Children born today are going to stop looking like you typical local because they have the blood of foreigners. And maybe that is not a bad thing. At least not anymore. Because this will bring our races together faster than we wish. In this way, there would be no more racist people in the future.

There will be no ethnic wars or any kind of slander just because you were born like this or born like that. We hope for peace but then again, we are humans. We lust over fights, conflicts, and ward whether we like it or not. If we do not find anything to slander on in our human species, then it is going to be something else.

Maybe religion, as if that current war is not bad enough already. Or maybe we would be warring against technology next time and think of them inferior, even though they literally make us what we are now. Just like what happened in the game Detroit Become Human.