Pheromones Information and Research for Men

You may have heard about pheromones and may have come across many perfumes or scented products that claim to have them. They actually help in increasing libido or sexual desire. Due to their influence, two persons can feel a strong desire for sexual interactions with each other. We actually know a little about such an interesting substance. To enhance your knowledge of it, some amazing facts on them have been listed below. To know more, you can check

Subconscious Odor Signals

Pheromones are considered as subconscious odor signals for a human being. They have impact on your mind and body. With their influence, certain glands can be oozed to secrete sexual hormones. As a result, physical and emotional changes on a person can be noted due to the influence of pheromones. In other words, they can be considered as body elements that make your mind alerted when you are attracted to someone.

Mystery over Its Existence

Certain researchers claim that pheromones actually exist in human bodies and certain studies claim the opposite. This mystery around their existence in human bodies has not been resolved yet rather mystery has intensified with more researchers or studies. In certain animals, the presence of pheromones has been proved through evidence. For example, pigs and rabbits are such animals.

Pheromone Detector

Human beings have detecting organ for pheromone. A half-moon shaped structure inside our nose has been considered as pheromone detector or signal receptor. Pheromone signals are picked up by this receptor and then they are relayed to the hypothalamus of the human body. This part of the brain controls sexual behaviors of human beings. Know more about it here:

Pheromones Are Not Sole Factors for Attraction

Choosing a partner is a complex process for human beings. For animals, it is quite simple, but human minds make things quite complicated. We have certain preferences for liking an individual. Thus, for us, the influence of pheromone is not just enough to find sexual partners. It can create a thin bridge of attraction between two persons. But, ultimate attraction depends on how the other factors emerge according to

Igniting Sexual Desire

As stated, scented products like perfumes, candles, and many other things can ignite sexual desire of human beings. These substances mainly possess pheromones which have been detected by the receptors inside our nose. The signals are transmitted to the brain. From there, signal goes to glands which release hormones that cause emotional changes and sexual desire according to


The Semenax Formula

Measuring up to the standards the porn industry has set in front of us is a difficult task, and men have been always looking for natural and harmless ways to increase their potency, staying power and to achieve other sex-related improvements on themselves. Semenax is a pill that doesn’t need a prescription and that does just that for you, it’s a 100% natural and safe mix of herbal ingredients as well as specific amino acids whose final result is a big boost in your libido as well as in your sperm volume and count – the manufacturers claim that the Semenax pill can boost your sperm volume up to 500%, and that’s how all of those male porn stars can shoot huge loads that girls find very impressive.

How To Take Semenax

It takes about two or three weeks for Semenax pill to start taking effect that you will notice, one pill per day and you’ll be good to go in no time. Semenax isn’t the first pill that is made to help out men with libido, potency and sperm production but is one of the very few that have no ill effects at all. Most of the ingredients in the pill are extracts from herbs and herbal products that either increase testosterone levels, either give you a bit more stamina and endurance either directly affect your sperm count. Learn more at and

The Semenax Formula

There’s nothing in this pill that would make you sick or ill. There aren’t many men health pills that are as innocent as this one, usual side effects are dizziness, heart issues, migraines, stomach cramps and so on – you’re completely free of all of that if you’re using Semanax. It’s all natural and all healthy, and some of the ingredients are Epimedium Sagittatum, Swedish flower, Catuaba bark, pumpkin seed, Muira Puama, Hawthorne, even cranberry extract, this is not a product that will boost your libido and your libido only, this is a product that will make you healthy all around.

How To Buy

There are plenty of places you can buy Semenax from, including online, simply because this is not a prescription drug, you can get your hands on it with ease and it will not interfere with any other medication you’re taking at the moment, at most it can disrupt your diet a bit, but that’s all. For the pill to start working effectively, you need to consume it for at least three weeks, that’s when the effects are sure to be noticeable. You don’t need to take it all the time once it’s effects manifest, but at least three times per week will keep your flow nice and steady and keep your sex drive up and about.

Why I Like Semenax

Men’s health is much more important these days when we are getting more sick and less physically active when we’ve moved to the offices and in front of the computers, when we’re wearing tight jeans and so on, all this can make libido suffer and can reduce the flow of sperm. We’ve all watched porn, right? Well, the male porn stars seem to be able to shoot bucket full of sperm with ease, how come we can’t do that? The answer is pretty simple, it’s products that increase the volume of sperm a man can produce that make male porn stars so active, and one of the most popular products is Semenax. This is a completely natural and completely side effects free product that men can use to really impress their wives and girlfriends with cumshots that look like they’re right out of a porn movie.

Semenax Online

It’s easy to buy Semenax online, since this is not a prescription drug, and there are plenty of discount Semenax deals to be found, just make sure you’re buying the real deal, and not a fake pill. Always check for the credentials when you’re making your purchase online because these pills have gotten quite popular over the last few years there have been plenty of fake ones that are being sold. Also, some of the websites are making a scam offer, they’re offering Semenax product for one week free, then you have to start buying it, when the original manufacturer is offering the pill for free for the first month – pay attention to that when you’re getting your hands on this libido enhancing and sperm volume increasing pill. Learn more at and

Why I Like Semenax

What is it that makes Semenax so interesting for your average man? First of all, most sex-related pills need you to be in great shape and not to have any underlying conditions to work. Viagra for instance is one of the pills with potentially dangerous side effects if you mix it with other drugs. Semenax is completely natural, made from ingredients like pumpkin seeds, the bark of trees that has been used as a libido-enhancing natural aid for hundreds of years in Brazil, cranberry extract and so on. True, because of it’s mild nature it takes the pill some time to get working, but it’s not just directly increasing your sperm volume, it is also increasing your libido and is making you more healthy in the process – a great deal. There aren’t any known side effects to Semenax, and all of the ingredients used are completely safe, so you don’t need to worry about that, only reason for you to consult with the doctor before starting your Semenax therapy would be to see if it goes with your diet (if you are on one. If you’re eating regular meals, there are absolutely no chances that Semenax will interfere with your system in any negative way)

The Semenax Formula

There aren’t any man’s health supplements out there that are dedicated to improving his performance in the bedroom that is 100% safe to use with no adverse effects at all, but Semenax is one of them, it’s a great all natural pill made of herbs and natural ingredients that can boost your bedroom efficiency by a bit, but that’s not it’s the main purpose, it’s the main purpose is to increase your sperm volume. If you were wondering just how do the male porn stars shoot out tons of the stuff with ease, it’s drugs like Semenax that are responsible for that, and it’s one of the most commonly used pills for that. Learn more at and

The best thing about Semenax is that it’s completely natural and safe mix of amino acids and herbs that have always been known to give men more potency, staying power and increase their sperm volume.


Here are some of the most important ingredients of the Semenax pill:

Catuaba bark – Catuba is a herb found in Brasil that has always had its use because of its libido enhancing properties. It increases man’s overall health and is a fine boost indeed to any man’s reproductive system.

Swedish flower – Also a herb that is well known for its healthy effect on man’s reproductive system.

Cranberry extract – A well-known substance often used to treat urinary tract infections, it helps out a lot with the delivery of the semen.

Avena sativa – Avena Sativa, commonly known as oat is used to increase man’s strength and body, a healthy food that will give you a boost in potency.

Pine bark extract – Pine bark extract is one of the libido enhancing ingredients found in Semenax, it increases the body’s production of nitric oxide.

Pumpkin seed – Pumpkin seed and pumpkin oil have a great effect on prostate health and help out with relevant hormone production, having a positive effect on both overall health and libido.

L-Arginine HCL and L-Lysine – these two amino acids are what get the sperm production boost along with semen volume through increased testosterone male hormone production.

Zinc Oxide – the biggest impact on the semen production comes from Zinc Oxide which can directly increase the amount of sperm by 100%-200% on its own without additional effects from other ingredients.


All in all, each and every ingredient found in Semenax pill is natural and doesn’t cause any adverse effects. The only problems you may have is that the pill can interfere with your diet if you’re on some special food plan, so check in with your doctor before you give yourself a big bedroom boost that will definitely catch your girlfriend off guard.

The Importance of Semenax

If you’ve always wanted to shoot loads as big as the ones you see male porn stars shoot and you weren’t sure just what are you doing wrong or if you are healthy or any other question like that, then Semenax just might be the answer to your doubts, this male health, and potency pill is just what the male porn stars turn to when they make these great porn scenes.

The Importance of Semenax

That’s right, there’s nothing wrong with a volume of your load, but if you want it to be really impressive and to show off to your girlfriend who was watching porn with you, a few weeks of this pill and you’ll surprise her for sure. What is very important about Semenax pill is that it is 100% natural and it’s no side effects at all, while providing you with that boost in the bedroom. It takes about two weeks of taking Semenax pills daily for it effects to peak, but once they do, you will be able to make a porn movie if you want to. Learn more at and

Semenax Ingredients

There is no secret behind Semenax as all of its ingredients are safe to use and quite healthy. It’s a fine mix of ingredients like Swedish Flowers, Zinc Oxide, Catuaba Bark, Pumpkin Seed, Maca and Vitamin E, all ingredients that are there to boost your performance a bit and give you a bigger load. While this pill does double up as potency and libido increasing pill, that’s not it’s major function and don’t expect results as powerful if you were taking a pill especially for that, but it’s nice for it to have a side effect that is not negative. If you’re afraid of side effects, Semenax is your thing because there weren’t any at all, anyone can take this pill (provided you are of average health and that you’re not on some special kind of diet. If you are, it’s still recommended to check in with your doctor, maybe the pill will interfere with the diet in some way.)


There are numerous articles and testimonials you can read online if you’re not sure of Semenax is a scam, but all of them claim that the pill has given them at least 200% boost in semen volume, while the advertised effects claim that it is possible that you get a load that is up to 500% bigger. The most important thing about Semenax is that it’s completely natural and safe mix of amino acids and herbs that will boost your health and your bedroom performance with no side effects at all, very few other male health pills can do that for you, and most of the sites where you can order Semenax from have some sort of money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results of the Semenax pill.

Semenax Ingredients Review

Have you always wondered just how do the guys you see in porn movies shoot such big load compared to your own? If you want a reliable and healthy way to increase your sperm load, it just might be a good idea to try Semenax. Semenax is a male health product that is made out of all natural ingredients and that’s got no side effects, just the effect you desired.


The Semenax treatment doesn’t work right away. Instead, you need to be taking Semenax pills for about two weeks daily before the results show. However, once they do the show, your girlfriend will be in for a huge surprise. The manufacturers claim that Semenax increases semen volume up to 500%, and while that number is optimal at best, the pills have shown that the load is doubled. There are plenty of sources online that you can check and see just how effective these pills are, and even male porn stars often turn to Semenax to make their videos spicier.

It’s not just sperm volume that Semenax fixes, it also has an effect on potency and your libido overall. It contains natural herbs and ingredients that are going to make you a better lover, not just a happy finisher. And with these pills, you are much more likely to give your girlfriend a great time. It is completely safe from humans, even if you have a heart condition it’s 100% safe. However, you might want to check in with your doctor and run the ingredient list by him if you are in some form of a special diet and can’t digest everything. Learn more about Semenax at and


The main ingredient of Semenax is a popular herb from China that has been used to increase potency from ancient times and it enhances male orgasms in a very natural way. But there has been more than one addition to the herb. Here are some of the ingredients that make Semenax pill so effective:

Epimedium Sagittatum – this is a herb that has been part of health supplements for a while now and it can boost your libido and raises testosterone levels, guaranteeing better sperm production in the process.

L-Arginine HCL and L-Lysine – both of these amino acids have been proven over and over again to increase sperm production and semen volume, they are completely natural and harmless, you can read more studies about them on many sites, including Wikipedia.

Catuaba bark – Catuba is a Brazillian herb that has been used to increase sexual potency in local culture since old days, it is completely natural and has no side effects, it also increases your overall health, giving you a bit more endurance in the bedroom.

Pumpkin Seed – pumpkin seed and oil are very healthy for males, increasing their health and giving them a bit of stamina.

These are just some of the ingredients that make Semenax drug pretty effective and yet completely safe to use, so if it’s a big load you are looking for buy Semenax now and check out the results for yourself.

What is the Best Penis Extender?

Penis extenders have quickly become one of the most popular methods for permanent penis enlargement. As a clinically proven and doctor approved method, the penis extender can increase penis size about 2 to 3 inches, and the results are permanent. Now, while all penis extenders may appear to be very similar, they can often be very different particularly in terms of the results they yield.  Some may be spring loaded, which is usually preferable; the amount of tension may also be different.

What is the Best Penis Extender?

We have lined up some of the best performing penis extenders, and our results are based on which penis extender gives the best, fastest and most comfortable results.  Our editors and reviewers have all come to agree that the best penis extenders in the market truly comes down to these penis extenders. Learn more at

1. X4 Labs

The penis extender that has been developed by X4 Labs, a Canadian based manufacturer, has for several years been considered the most advanced penis extender available. The X4 Labs device allows you to use multiple straps, including their exclusive Comfort Strap Technology. When compared to other penis extenders, X4 Labs offers various size options, rather than one-size fits all mentality. This means that if you are on the smaller side, the X4 Extender will work for you!

2. EuroExtender

The EuroExtender is a Comfort Strap based device, meaning that it uses a wider strap for fixation. This is typically the preferred method of stretching for circumcised men and ensures a minimal amount of slippage. It is also a well-priced penis extender, and a penis enlargement system is also offered by EuroExtender, including a variety of bonuses, as well as male enhancement pills.

3. ProExtender

The third pick on our list of penis extenders is the ProExtender, a device developed by the same makers of VigRX Plus. The ProExtender is a European designed penis extender that uses a thin strap to fasten the penis to the device. While the ProExtender is a relatively good penis extender, the ProExtender falls short in areas like customer support, and spare parts, which can often be detrimental to a long-term penis enlargement program.

4. SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics penis extender, or penis enlargement device is an effective product, but it is important to note that SizeGenetics is a reseller of the JesExtender device. That being said, SizeGenetics offers a comprehensive penis enlargement system, which includes the penis extender, their penis exercises, and a variety of other bonuses, targetted at improving your sexual performance. Its comprehensive penis enlargement system has been doctor approved, as well as featured on the BBC.

Benefits of Penis Extenders

  • Increase Penis Size 35%
  • Increases Width of the Penis
  • Permanent Results
  • Stronger Erections
  • Corrects Penile Curvature (Known as Peyronie’s Disease)
  • Doctor Approved

Penis extenders have been particularly successful in correcting penile curvature, a deformation of the penis, which can often make it difficult to partake in sexual activity. By applying small amounts of stress to the penile shaft, the penis extender can correct damaged tissues by forcing them to break down and eventually reconstruct themselves. Learn more at

Doctors in the United States, Canada, and Europe have all recommended the X4 Labs Penis Extender as one of the most effective methods of correcting penile curvature, as well as increasing penis size permanently.

My Experience Using SizeGenetics

I could hardly believe it.  All this time working on my dick with SizeGenetics, finally having a larger penis, brimming with confidence about meeting women, and then, in the end, it’s a girl who hits on me.  I guess that’s what confidence does for you.  I mean, I’m okay looking, I guess, but I’m no film star.  She told me later that she liked me because I looked as if I was comfortable in my skin.  And by that time, thanks to SizeGenetics, I was.

My Experience Using SizeGenetics

So it was on the office roof that I actually kissed a girl for the very first time.  It’s got to have been one of the most exciting things that ever happened to me.  I was instantly rock hard, so hard and so excited that I was worried I’d cream my jeans.  But fortunately, all the SizeGenetics exercises I’d been doing while I was growing my dick had taught me better control than that and I managed to contain myself.

Of course, we didn’t really want to do anything more than kiss up there on the roof, in case anyone else came out for air, but it was obvious that she had a lot more in mind.  She asked me if I lived near the office, and I told her I didn’t and eventually it turned out that I lived pretty close to her apartment.  “So,” she said, “Your place or mine?” We decided to go to her place.

SizeGenetics Paid Off

In the meantime, all my hard work and my investment in the SizeGenetics penis enlargement system had paid off in spades.  I had lost my virginity at last, just short of my 29th birthday.  Paula and I hardly left her bed all weekend, except for the occasional shower or something to eat, and we didn’t sleep much either.  In fact, when I did finally head back to my place on Sunday afternoon, it was mainly because I knew I wasn’t going to sleep at all that night if I stayed with Paula. Learn more at and

The best thing of all was that Paula had no idea how inexperienced I was and she kept telling me how good I was in bed.  Of course, that was thanks to all the study I’d been doing from the bonus DVDs that SizeGenetics supply with their penis enlargement system.  But I was pretty happy that all that theory had translated so well into practice.  And of course, I was just doing what comes naturally, as they say.  One of the best moments, at least for my new and confident ego, was early on Sunday morning when we were lying exhausted after yet another round of wild sex.  Paula reached her arm over and took my dick in her hand.  “You know,” she said, “This is one of the best dicks I’ve seen for a long time.  It’s so thick!”

Vigrx Plus Is Still The Best

In this article, I discuss why Vigrx Plus is the best male enhancement pill. The first important fact that you need to know about VigRX is that it is completely safe. Yes, all the ingredients are herbal.

Vigrx Plus is Guaranteed To Work

Every man out there is eligible to start taking these pills. And when you have that in mind, it is a lot easier to start taking them. Also, if you don’t like the results, which is rarely the case, you can simply stop taking these pills whenever you want. There is a total of more than ten ingredients which are going to be responsible for the best results. And one thing is for sure, you just need to take the pills on a regular basis. This is usually two per day. That is it and there is nothing to worry about.

There is another thing as well, which is that it would be a good idea to start taking the pills at the same time. For instance, if you have taken your first pill in the morning, and the second one later during the day or at night, it would definitely be a good idea to continue in that fashion all the time. If you miss a dose, don’t worry since that happens to everyone. What you need to keep in mind is that it is not a good idea to miss a dose, especially if you are determined to solve your ED problems…Learn more about Vigrx at

So, after you make a decision and start taking the pills, you just need to pay attention to the results. And if your next question is – how long do I have to wait for the results? The answer is two or three weeks, which is more than amazing. And in comparison to other similar drugs, that is not something that you can get anywhere else but with the fantastic VigRX pills. Learn more at

Better than Prescription ED Medicine

Keep in mind that these pills are not like Cialis and Viagra. You don’t need to take them one hour before sexual activity. Simply take two pills per day and you are good to go. You will be able to look down to your penis and be more than satisfied with the results. That is for sure. It is possible to gain length of your penis as well, which is definitely not something other similar products are offering. If you like all this, all you have to do is make a decision and start taking the VigRX pills as soon as possible, since you deserve a better sex life and so does your lady.

SizeGenetics Review – What Makes It Great

 Today, most of the men are looking for ways by which they can enlarge the size of their penis. There are different ways by which they can increase the volume of their penis. Different people have different reasons for enhancing their penis. Whatever may be the reason of enlarging your penis, you can now easily do it at your home without much hard work. For increasing its size, you can use penis traction devices. There are many penis traction devices available on the market.

About SizeGenetics

One such penis traction device is SizeGenetics. It is the best penis enlargement device available in the market. Many people are confused by thinking that whether the SizeGenetics will work or not. Yes, you can definitely gain benefits from penis enlargement devices but if you buy one and do not use it by thinking that it will be painful, you won’t be able to see any benefits which will ultimately lead to frustration and disappointment.An important thing that should be kept in mind before starting to use SizeGenetics is to select a comfortable extender or else you might suffer from injuries. To understand how SizeGenetics work, think about a weight trainer who lifts weight. As he starts lifting heavy weights his muscles start stretching. Learn more at

SizeGenetics also work in the same manner. You have to just attach this device to the penis. This penis enlargement device supplies a steady traction in the Corpora Cavernosa. This is the part of the penis which collects blood during the erection. This causes the cells and tissues in the Corpora Cavernosa to get pulled away and split, giving rise to new healthy cells because of the duplication of the cell. By increasing the size of Corpora Cavernosa you can enjoy a big and hard erection. To avail the benefits of SizeGenetics one should make sure that they use SizeGenetics in a proper manner. Using SizeGenetics is very simple.

16-Way Comfort System

SizeGenetics has really raised the bar with this new high-quality extender. The 16-way comfort system and MDA technology make it the most comfortable extender on the market. More comfort means faster gains for you.

Manufactured in Europe, registered as a medical type 1 device, CE certified and medically backed this is one of the safest penis extenders you can buy. Clinically proven in numerous independent trials you are guaranteed to add inches to your penis.It comes with great bonuses such as the Penis Health exercise program, a luxury leather case, LoveCentria with 54+ online sex DVDs, travel case, traction plus powder, moisturizer and a 180-day money back guarantee.

This is why we highly recommend the ‘Ultimate Edition’ as the best complete natural enlargement solution available. The only downside we have found is the price and if you are wanting a quality but cheaper solution then check out the X4 Labs extender instead. Learn more at

If you simply want the best penis extender on the planet then the SizeGenetics Ultimate System is it. You will add inches to your penis is the quickest & safest way. The road to a bigger penis starts with ordering your Size Genetics System today. Start enjoying the benefits of a bigger penis, better more satisfying sex, greater self-esteem, more confidence, stronger erections. Everyman deserves to enjoy a having a bigger penis and so do you.