Introducing A Melodic Death Metal Newcomer Band Called Black Therapy

When speaking of music, it can be categorized into numerous genres and often times, musicians and artists combine or fuse different elements together to create a new genre or a subgenre of existing musical styles. One of those is death metal, which is a subgenre of heavy metal music that has been around since the mid nineteen eighties, particularly in Florida, where it first originated. Its initial influences include hardcore punk origins and the sound is characterized by distorted low tuned guitar playing, typically accompanied by aggressive drumming and deep snarling vocals.

While the movement was headed by bands like Morbid Angel, Slayer, Venom, and Celtic Frost, it continues to be widely spread today and numerous other bands have emerged from their founding influence. As a result, the subgenre has morphed and grown, attracting a larger following. In line with that, this article will be introducing a melodic death metal newcomer band, called Black Therapy.

The band itself originated from a Lazio, Rome in Italy. They first banded together in the year two thousand and nine and continue to be active today, shelving out new works and amassing a larger audience compared to their humble beginnings. At present day, the members are managed by a recording label called Apostasy Records, famous for popularizing similar groups like Embedded, Path of Destiny, Profanity, Disparaged, and many more.

This group of musicians includes Lorenzo Kallo Carlini, who used to play lead guitar and is know their current bassist, Guiseppe Massimiliano Di Giorgio who is their current vocalist who has other side projects including Beyond the Dark and Obsucra. Luca Marini is their drummer who also drums for other groups like Mystherhydden and Novaseason. Davide Celletti is their lead guitar and Andrea Mataloni is on rhythms.

It was in early two thousand ten that they released their first demo, appropriately titled Through This Path. Then in two thousand and three, Symptoms of a Common Sickness was released in full length by Apostasy Records. It contained hit singles like From High, The Last Soul, Path to Hell, The Night is Mine, and the leading track named after the album itself.

Their next release was entitled The Final Outcome, which was an EP. It contained only four songs and was published on the seventeenth of October in two thousand and fourteen in compact disc format. Then finally on the second of December in 2016, a full studio album called In The Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile, containing ten songs in compact disc format once again. It contained songs such as Voices in My Head, She, the Weapon, Tears of Innocence, and many more. According to their site, they are currently touring to promote this new album.

The group itself is very strong lyrically and they pride themselves in composing their own tracks. The themes of their lyrical content often include feelings of grief, loss, pain, and despair. It also showcases personal struggles that their members went through while touring and living their lives. While often mislabeled as depressing or rigged with suicidal tendencies, the members claim that it is their own point of view and way of coping that reflects their work, which is why it should not be taken literally or out of context.

Their music is particularly known for using those lyrics accompanied by distorted guitar playing. This means that their guitarists use techniques such as palm muting and picking up its tremolo. All this make for a unique sound and when playing together whether in the studio or live venues, one will surely feel pumped up and immersed in their unique playing style.

The members itself has stated they were heavily influenced by founding artists, such as Slayer and Autopsy. With such a huge cult following and even a large audience from Japan, the artists are expected to grow and reach new lengths of success. With touring and various promotional events, do not be surprised if these guys show up on your radar anytime soon.