Bakersfield Migraine Headaches Find Relief Through Chiropractic

People commonly develop an aching head after a particularly rough day at work. The throbbing is never pleasant, but can usually be relieved using an over-the-counter pain medication. Migraine headache distress is far more serious and debilitating. A Bakersfield CA chiropractor takes a different approach to reducing the number and severity of painful attacks.

While the actual mechanism of a migraine is not fully understood, it is a neurological problem. Blood flow also plays a part, as do imbalances in brain chemistry. When the blood vessels of the cranium dilate, they create additional pressure on nearby nerves. The result is pain around the eyes or temple, over the skull, and even in the neck.

The condition also has genetic components. Most sufferers are women, who usually have their first attack before age thirty. They experience disconcerting or even frightening symptoms, beginning with the visual aura that characterizes onset, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. An attack can be relatively short, or may go on for several days.

No single medication effectively counteracts migraines. Preventive measures include prescribed anti-convulsive medicine and anti-depressants, but neither can stop an attack in progress, which may only respond to strong, prescription pain medications. Anti-emetics are used to control nausea and vomiting, and rescue medications are provided for sudden onset.

Chronic sufferers commonly seek additional ways to combat the pain. Chiropractic practitioners believe there is a strong relationship between skeletal alignment and nerve discomfort, and manually adjust the spine to relieve pressures believed to contribute to migraine distress. They avoid prescriptions, and approach most problems holistically.

Rather than dealing with symptoms alone, a chiropractor focuses on prevention through ongoing adjustments. Anecdotal studies claim success in reducing the number and severity of episodes. Adjustments carry few risks of additional complications, and the possibility of long-term relief makes this an attractive option for many sufferers.