Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor: ‘I will send you all a duck pic’

Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor superfight wagering just authoritatively went too far into odd and irritating – on account of a previous UFC heavyweight. 

Brendan Schaub, likewise a battle savant amid the current MayMac World Tour squeeze party, has quite recently wagered a 'duck pic' on the result. 

In particular, Schaub has proclaimed that McGregor will last 12 rounds against the undefeated confining legend their August 27 (AEST) session in Las Vegas. If not, Little Brendan will be captured and dispersed. 

The 'duck pic' wager is a multiplying down on McGregor from Schaub. The ex-heavyweight evidently wager HBO boxing reporter Max Kellerman that McGregor will win no less than one round against Mayweather, to the tune of a shocking $100,000. 

"His group, I don't believe, will take the wager," he said. "They went, 'Are you genuine about it?" I stated, 'I will exchange the cash straightforwardly into a shared service at this moment'," Schaub revealed to The Kicker. 

"Since he's expression Conor won't arrive a punch or win a round. You're insane. McGregor's going to arrive numerous punches. I promise it. 

"I hear what I'm saying. I boxed for a long time, battled professionally for a long time in blended hand to hand fighting. I know boxing, I know blended combative techniques and I know when I got in there with proficient boxers, it took them about a round to understand me and the way I do stand up is conventional. It's boxing. I don't have this irregular, cumbersome style. Conor does. 

"With Conor, it's a short time on to what extent does it take Floyd Mayweather to get used to this unusual, ungainly style. So Mayweather needs to download McGregor's development, everything that he's never observed. He's going to do it, it's just going to be to what extent? 

"These old boxing heads, they know boxing and they keep it so tight to their chest. They trust Floyd doesn't lose, in light of the fact that it would be the most noticeably bad thing to happen to boxing ever, so they waste blended combative techniques however they don't really hear what they're saying. 

Schaub additionally asserted that McGregor was the more noteworthy any desire for a KO win: "If anybody's going to get thumped out it's Floyd. I guarantee you Conor won't get thumped out. On the off chance that anybody gets completed that night, it's Floyd."