Helping Your Child To Lose Weight

Weight gain in children is quite problematic. While those extra pounds do cause their ‘figure’ to suffer, it’s the way that it affects their health that’s especially problematic. Children who weigh more than the recommended weight for their height can suffer from diabetes. This is an extreme example though, other health issues are constant sleepiness, loss of breathe and stomach problems.

Courtesy-Esssat Health

As a parent, you may want to help your child to lose weight. Here a few tips that can will lead to your goal.

1. Realistic goals

This is very important. Remember, being too harsh can affect a child’s self-esteem while leniency will stop them from losing the weight. In order to set a realistic goal, ask their paediatrician for advice. How much should they weigh? How fast is their metabolism? And how long should they take to lose the weight? The key thing to keep in mind is; the more realistic the goal, the better the results.

2. Encourage exercise

Children who have put on too many pounds may shy away from exercise as it tires them out quickly. To help them lose weight, you need to encourage exercise in their daily routine. You could enrol them in weight loss camp in Thailand. Alternatively, you could consider what gets the heart rate going, and the type of physical activity they enjoy. Perhaps they won’t go on a long run but will jump at the opportunity to visit the roller blading park! When they get back give them a healthy snack, that’s delicious and packed full of energy.

There are so many ways to help your child to lose weight. Be supportive and help them to work through the routine!